Build 3.1.1485.553

• Download ability added to UniBrowse and WebView


Build 3.1 1443.134

• New UniBrowse! Included free with Panels. UniBrowse is all about turning websites into applications.
• Switch viewing mode (Desktop, Tablet, Phone)
• Make applications from websites (this feature is not available on the Windows store version)
• Customize the appearance of each app
• Remembers window positon and size.
• Currently requires Windows 10 April 2018 1803 or greater

Build 3.1.1428.332

• New WebView Tile! Watch Youtube, Twitch, browse Facebook, chat all from the edge of your screen.
• Switch viewing mode (Desktop, Tablet, Phone)
• Switches to 16x9 when horizontal
• Currently requires Windows 10 April 2018 1803 or greater
• More coming

• Windows 7 and 8 appearance enhancements
• Windows 7 Glass

Build 2.0.1384.231

This history page needs work… So here's an entry

• Added Memory cleaner to Memory Monitor tile.
When you mouse over the Memory Monitor, an icon will appear.
Just click it to free up memory.  (requires elevation)
• Auto-hide now hides within the space occupied by other panels
• UWP recent items can now be deleted
• Explorer shortcut icon now updates to reflect the path
• Fixed config repeatedly saving       

Build 2.0


New hover context
History for shortcuts and Picture in Picture windows
Fixed fullscreen and minimized PiP windows.
Fixed auto-hide initial show
Improved wallpaper chooser load time Toggle between public/private IP in network monitor.

Build 2.0


Version 2.0:
Create themes
Set font
Adjust color brightness for Panels, tiles, foreground and accent colors
System window and accent color settings that automatically change when the wallpaper changes
More coming soon